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Yamamoto neoprene women Wetsuits 3/2 mm

Experience the extraordinary features of Japanese Yamamoto limestone rubber. The supreme material is setting new standards with 99,7% water impermeability and durability. We believe in sustainability by cherishing high-quality wetsuits designed to endure the test of time.

Dive deep into the epic comfort with our 100% nylon jersey fabric lining – inside and out. Its silky feel leaves you with that second skin superhero vibe. Bid farewell to ineffective plush linings. Our suits are designed without them. No more slow drying or sponge-like water absorption. We focus on neoprene, the material that truly keeps you warm in the water.

Our suits may require some effort to put on initially, but the material molds to your body over time. The sleek second skin sensation and perfect fit enhances both warmth and endurance.

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Yamamoto neoprene women Wetsuits 3/2 mm

  • 100% Yamamoto Japanese rubber (99.7% water impermeable)
  • #40 Yamamoto 2mm where maximum flexibility is key: Arms, shoulders and lower legs.
  • #39 Yamamoto 3mm for warmth, comfort and buoyancy: lightweight rubber in core and upper legs
  • Colour: Pantone Sky Captain
  • Inside and outside lining with silky, smooth, super stretchy, and water-repellent nylon
  • Minimalistic and strategic seam design
  • Critical seam taping
  • Chest zip entry with stainless YKK chest zipper
  • External key pocket
  • Temperature range (Subject to personal preferences): 14 to 22°C


Japanese Yamamoto
limestone rubber
Unleash Epic Comfort
Fuzzy Free!
Single Colour


Experience the Excellence of Yamamoto Neoprene Women Wetsuits

Unmatched Water Impermeability and Enduring Durability

When it comes to high-performance women’s wetsuits, GZEITEN introduces you to the extraordinary “Yamamoto Neoprene Women Wetsuits.” Crafted with precision and designed in Germany, these wetsuits set a new standard in the world of aquatic sports. Embrace the unbeatable combination of unmatched water impermeability and enduring durability, ensuring you’re stoked as you take on the waves.

Superior Buoyancy and Lightweight Comfort

Our commitment to excellence shines through in every aspect of these wetsuits. The core panels and legs are crafted using Yamamoto #39, a top-of-the-line material renowned for its superior buoyancy, warmth, and lightweight comfort. Experience buoyancy like never before, providing you with the support needed to glide through the water effortlessly. No more bulky or heavy gear weighing you down, just pure performance.

Maximum Flexibility with Yamamoto #40

For enhanced paddling and seamless movement, we’ve integrated Yamamoto #40 in the design, ensuring your arms and lower legs enjoy maximum flexibility. Embrace the freedom of movement as you navigate the waves with ease and confidence. Yamamoto #40 is a game-changer, elevating your surfing or swimming experience to a whole new level.

Epic Comfort with Silky Smooth Lining

Prepare to be awestruck by the 100% nylon jersey fabric lining that awaits you inside our wetsuits. Its silky smooth feel against your skin creates a second skin superhero vibe, making you feel unstoppable in the water. This luxurious lining ensures incredible comfort, while its water-repellent properties keep you dry and agile, allowing you to focus solely on your performance.

Minimal Seams, Maximum Endurance

GZEITEN believes in perfection, and our Yamamoto neoprene women wetsuits embody just that. Crafted with minimal seams, our wetsuits boast exceptional endurance and minimized water leakage. No more distractions from bulky seams that can hinder your movements or create discomfort. With GZEITEN, you can fully immerse yourself in the thrill of your water activities.

Gzeiten Yamamoto neoprene Women’s Wetsuits: Perfect Fit for Enhanced Warmth

Although our suits may require a bit of effort to put on initially, the payoff is worth it. The Yamamoto neoprene molds to your body over time, creating the perfect fit that enhances both warmth and endurance. Embrace the second skin sensation, as it creates a barrier between you and the water, keeping you cozy and comfortable in any aquatic environment.

Focus on Neoprene, Not Ineffective Linings

Bid farewell to ineffective plush linings that slow drying times and absorb water like a sponge. GZEITEN’s focus is on neoprene, the material that truly keeps you warm in the water. Our wetsuits are designed without plush linings, ensuring quick drying and minimal water absorption, so you can focus on your performance without any distractions.

Dive into the Future of Yamamoto neoprene Women’s Wetsuits

Step into the world of cutting-edge design and superior performance with GZEITEN’s Yamamoto Neoprene Women Wetsuits. From unmatched water impermeability to ultimate flexibility and comfort, every aspect of these wetsuits is engineered to enhance your aquatic experience. Dive deep and unleash your true potential – try our wetsuits today and witness the difference they make in your water adventures.

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1 review for Yamamoto neoprene women Wetsuits 3/2 mm

  1. Sara Bjurbäck

    Three incredible sessions in October before the Swedish cold! Perfect fit for tall Scandi girls like me (178cm), and it’s great for curves. Smooth and flattering, even my boyfriend noticed. Surfing a 3/2 in October in Scandinavia? Yamamoto rocks! Love the unique yet minimalistic blue color. Can’t wait to see how it holds up; 10/10 so far!

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Size worries? Don’t sweat it! Our wetsuits fit 95% of surfers. Yamamoto rubber molds to your body embracing your contours after a few surf sessions, and we offer free 30-day size exchanges. Contact us for assistance or click here.