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Experience Longer Surfs, better Surfs and less quiver with thoughtfully crafted features

Neoprene: Experience the remarkable features of Japanese Yamamoto limestone neoprene! This exceptional material sets the standard with unparalleled water impermeability (99,7 % due to its honeycomb closed cell structure) and long-lasting durability.

Yamamoto Neoprene is manufactured by the Japanese Yamamoto Corporation. They were the first to start manufacturing neoprene from limestone instead of petroleum in the early 60’s. Their specific honeycomb cell structure makes their neoprene extremely lightweight, warm and stretchy. Beware: When named “limestone neoprene” or even “Japanese limestone neoprene”, it’s not the same as Yamamoto limestone neoprene.

When it comes to our core panels and legs, we spare no expense and opt for Yamamoto #39. It boasts the highest level of buoyancy, provides superior warmth, and offers lightweight comfort. To give you maximum flexibility during your paddling and movement, we’ve got you covered with Yamamoto #40 for the arms and lower legs.

Japanese Yamamoto Limestone Neoprene

Bio based materials - but no greenwashing

Yamamoto limestone is extracted from Mt. Kurohime, which holds billions of tons of the purest limestone. Unlike petroleum, resource depletion is not a problem here. The production of neoprene from limestone does require a lot of energy. To reduce the environmental impact, most of Yamamoto’s energy comes from renewable sources such as hydropower. Sewing production also uses renewable resources such as solar energy. Still, the suits are shipped from Asia to Europe, and production requires energy and water. You won’t save the world by buying our wetsuits. However, we encourage you to participate in our approach to being as sustainable as possible wherever we have a choice.

So don’t buy crap. Don’t be fooled by false promises designed to soothe your conscience (recycled neoprene from old tires? Well that sounds adventurous!) and tempt you to buy more useless stuff you don’t need. We focus on the highest quality and timeless design, so you can enjoy your investments for as long as possible, while protecting the environment and your wallet.

Cut: GZEITEN wetsuits are designed in Germany. German surfers? Yes there are – and we are also known for our obsession with highest quality and keeping things simple. The thoughtfully designed wetsuits are aimed to fit flawlessly with as less seams as possible. Even with highest quality stitching materials and tapes, seams are the weakest link for the endurance of the suit as well as the leakage of water.

So, we said, “let’s ditch any unnecessary seams!” That’s why our suits have half the number of seams compared to those fancy high-end options

Strategic Seams: Our wetsuits are all about the next-level craftsmanship. We take pride in every single detail, especially when it comes to the seams.
They are meticulously glued and Blindstitched, ensuring maximum durability and a sleek finish. But here’s the cool part: We only use reinforced tape where it’s absolutely necessary. That means you get the ultimate flexibility exactly where you need it, without any extra strips messing with your arms and upper body.

Japanese Yamamoto limestone Neoprene. Rubber is high-quality, warm, and flexible rubber foam made from Limestone
Gzeiten long sleeve spring suits for comfortable water adventures

Fit: We have to be honest with you – the GZEITEN suits are not the easiest to get in at first. But here’s the deal: the material is designed to mold to your body after a few sessions. The second skin feeling and perfect fit will then enhance to the warmth of the suit as well as its endurance.

Trust us, when temperatures drop, you won’t be amused of chilly water sneaking in. But with the perfect fit you can even conquer these Portuguese spring mornings with water temperature as low as 14 degrees.

Colour: Sky Captain Blue Pantone®
Gone are the flowers, pink hues, and neon greens. Our choice? A single color: Pantone® Sky Captain blue. While it may not be revolutionary, we firmly believe in the elegance of simplicity.

Fuzzy Free!
To make a great wetsuits you firstly eliminate all the bullshit that does not work – so we got rid of those inside plush linings. They take ages to dry, they soak water like a sponge, they won’t make you warmer otherwise you would see a bunch of people surfing in fleece suits. Bye by freakinghyperwarmanddryfillingliningmadeofcartires – you won’t find any of these hyper insulting stuff in our suits – we decided to use only material that keeps you warm in the water – namely neoprene. Welcome new suit that really dries fast in the shade.

Fuzzy Linings
While they may provide extra warmth, it’s essential to consider the trade-off, especially with lower-grade rubber wetsuits. A 0.5-mm-thick lining can add warmth equivalent to a 0.1-mm-thick neoprene layer but comes with additional weight. Additionally, these linings often use polypropylene, which can trap and absorb water. Learn more about wetsuit warmth here.

Enjoy the epic comfort of our 100% nylon jersey fabric. The silky feel gives you that ultimate second skin superhero vibe. Get ready for an insanely smooth, super stretchy, and water repellent experience that takes its neoprene core to a whole new level of awesome. You cannot imagine how that feels? We get it, we did not either – you absolutely have to try!

Beware of marketing hype: Claims of space-age technology and cutting-edge recycling procedures of material that is far away from neoprene should be approached with caution. Comprehensive scientific research is often costly, and not every wetsuit brand has the resources or expertise to back up extravagant claims. Remember, it’s the marketing department that often leads these narratives, not dedicated teams of materials scientists.