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About me

“Join the journey of a Germany-based surfer seeking the perfect wave-riding attire. Tired of the uninspired and often sexist status quo of the wetsuit industry, it was time for a change. At GZEITEN, premium quality and timeless design reign supreme.”

Most landlocked surfers like me – living in Cologne, Germany – have too much time in between surftrips to think about their surf gear.

I was having too much time to dive deep into my wetsuits collection since I wished to have only one high quality go-to suit I would be able to love for years.

Initially, I was tired of the uninspired and sometimes sexistic female surfer image that was portrayed by many brands I was wearing since I was a kid. And, I was let down by the fact that every brand I know, produces in the exact same factory with not really differing qualities.

The focus seems to have shifted towards superficial designs and gimmicky names, neglecting the essence of true quality evolution.

Uncover the fuzzy, plushy linings that perplexed our founder. Why sacrifice practicality for occasional coziness?

While exploring alternative options, I encountered a recurring disappointment – those fuzzy, plushy linings found in countless wetsuits I never understood. Sure, they may offer occasional coziness, but let’s be real, they take ages to dry and can become downright itchy.

My quest for the ultimate wetsuit led me to the virtual shores of surf magazines in the US. Discovering highly acclaimed alternatives made by small boutique brands out of this Yamamoto neoprene I never heard before – unfortunately, the exorbitant shipping fees and customs regulations from overseas rendered them unaffordable. So I decided – fuck it, I will try to create a wetsuit that encompasses everything I desire on my own.

It has been a journey of several years, encountering doubts along the way and searching for partners who could manifest my vision of unrivaled quality. But I am thrilled to share that I finally received a sample surpassing my expectations.

With the unwavering support of remarkable individuals in the realms of design, photography, and surfing, along with a dedicated team of passionate believers (who eagerly await the launch of our male model), the brand has become a reality. I couldn’t be happier to finally possess the wetsuit I’ve always yearned for. And I am bursting with anticipation to witness these extraordinary suits gracing the bodies of fellow wave-riders.

Spirit. No Pro Surf Teams, No Fancy Marketing Gurus.

Just one passionate surfer surrounded by a fierce community crafting dreamy wetsuits that defy the norms.

Join the revolution, ride the delirious waves!