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Surf Session Magazine (Issue 389) Dives Deep into GZEITEN’s Yamamoto Neoprene Wetsuit

Unveiling the Verdict: An In-Depth Review of Performance and Design

Exploring GZEITEN’s Wetsuit Through the Lens of Surf Session (Issue 389)

In the latest edition of the renowned French surf magazine, Surf Session (Issue 389), the editorial team delves into the intricacies of GZEITEN’s Yamamoto neoprene wetsuit. This comprehensive review is not merely a surface-level examination but a deep dive into the craftsmanship and innovation behind this surf essential. Join us as we unravel the layers of this wetsuit and bring you a nuanced understanding.


Fitting – 4.5/5

Standing at 1m66, their tester meticulously chose a size S, aligning with GZEITEN’s sizing guide. The wetsuit’s promise of molding to the body’s contours rang true, evolving into a bespoke fit after several surf sessions. Initial concerns about the underarm cut proved unfounded, as the suit seamlessly adapted without causing discomfort or chafing. Through a series of active tests, the wetsuit remained virtually invisible, ensuring a snug embrace both in and out of the water.

Stretch and Comfort – 4.5/5

Taking to the waves, their tester experienced the GZEITEN wetsuit as a second skin, offering unrestricted movement. Departing from conventional 3/2 designs, GZEITEN’s strategic use of 2mm thickness in crucial areas prioritized flexibility without compromising on warmth. The wetsuit struck an ideal balance, providing robust support while accommodating natural body movements. Its thin and lightweight profile set it apart in the 3/2 category, and the absence of fleece on the interior contributed to quick drying, enhancing overall comfort.

Heat – 5/5

Tailored for temperatures between 14 to 22°C, the 3/2 model excelled in 19°C waters. The acclaimed Yamamoto fabric, renowned for its 99.7% waterproof characteristics, played a pivotal role in maintaining a consistent and comfortable temperature. The second-skin effect, coupled with precise thickness distribution, established an effective thermal regulation system. It kept the surfer in a Goldilocks zone—shielded from the cold without inducing overheating.

Durability – 5/5

After around twenty hours of surf immersion, the GZEITEN wetsuit displayed remarkable resilience. Any necessary adjustments to the body shape occurred primarily in the initial sessions, with subsequent wear showing minimal impact. The wetsuit retained its aesthetic appeal, with sun-induced stick marks being the only noticeable change. Beyond performance, the choice of Yamamoto neoprene underscored GZEITEN’s commitment to environmental sustainability.

Average and General Comments – 4.75/5

Beyond its technical merits, the GZEITEN wetsuit incorporated practical features that enhanced the overall surfing experience. An external knee pocket added functionality, strategically positioned for convenience. The minimalist design, adorned in the serene Pantone Sky Captain color, drew commendations for its simplicity. Priced at €339, the wetsuit positioned itself competitively in the market.Yamamoto neoprene women Wetsuits 3/2 mm The chest-zip closure contributed to the wetsuit’s waterproof integrity, requiring meticulous adjustment of the chest drawstring to prevent water ingress. GZEITEN’s wetsuit emerged not just as a utilitarian gear but as a holistic surfing companion, encapsulating style and technical excellence.

Embark on a surfing journey with GZEITEN’s Yamamoto neoprene wetsuit, tested and approved by their dedicated surfer, exclusively featured in Surf Session (Issue 389).